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Save Rite Medical sells Foley, condom and intermittent catheters along with a huge selection of accessories. Products for the treatment of infections, incontinence and other urological issues are all in stock. Order now and have your supplies shipped directly to your door!

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When the bladder and urinary tract are affected by illness or injury, urology supplies support treatment and recovery. Depending on the condition, either medical professionals or patients themselves might use catheters and other equipment for assisting urination and administering medicine. There are several types of catheters and a host of urinary supplies that they are used in combination with. Some items are used for procedures while others make patients more comfortable during treatment. Here's a look at catheters and some of the most common urology supplies.


Types of Catheters


The three main types of catheters are intermittent catheters, indwelling catheters and condom catheters. Intermittent catheters are used for short periods of time, as their name suggests. In most cases, intermittent catheters are used to drain urine while treating infections of the urinary tract, bladder or kidneys. 


Indwelling catheters are surgically inserted into the urethra or bladder and left for as long as necessary. Foley catheters, favored for the treatment of urinary incontinence, are common examples of indwelling catheters. Doctors often attach inflated balloons to stabilize Foley catheters, which sometimes also have multiple channels to enable administration of drugs or fluids to the bladder. 


Condom catheters are external to the body and are used to simply drain urine into a bag. Daily replacement is necessary for condom catheters, which don't involve any tubes placed inside the body.


Drainage Bags


Depending on the circumstances, catheters are connected to drainage bags such as leg bags and down drain bags. Leg bags attach to the leg, letting patients go about their day with the catheter discreetly in place. Down drain bags are normally used during extended sedentary periods, such as during the night, when they might rest on the floor next to the patient's bed. 


Lubricating Jelly


Lubrication is often used to make normal catheter insertion safer and more comfortable. Only sterile, water-based lubricants can be used for this purpose. While general-use, water-based lubricants have been used in the past, many aren't sterile. For best results, proper lubricating jelly from a urology supplies dealer should be used. 


Other Urological Supplies


Several accessories are available for patients being treated for conditions affecting the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract. Catheter syringes are used to administer drugs, anesthetics and fluids via the catheter tubing. Patients can choose from an array of catheter components made from more comfortable materials or designed to provide different advantages to users. 


Many skin cleansers and protective creams prevent irritation that can occur with incontinence and catheter use. Patients can also find a wide range of absorbent undergarments that guard against catheter leakage or other incontinence problems. For sedentary males experiencing incontinence, urinary sheaths are convenient solutions that are worn on the body to collect urine as it is expelled.


Because treatment of urological problems is best accomplished with a set of reliable urinary supplies, finding and purchasing all necessary equipment and accessories at a single retailer saves time and money from the start. Whether treating mild infections or severe incontinence, patients can find everything they need here. Save Rite Medical carries a huge selection of high-quality urological supplies from numerous brands at the lowest prices anywhere, making treatment more comfortable as well as cost-effective.

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