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Supporting and maintaining healthy skin requires quality products designed to moisturize and protect. When illness or injury damages skin, healthy regrowth can be encouraged with protective barriers and scar gels throughout the healing process. Save Rite Medical carries a wide variety of skin care products that keep skin vibrant and healthy.

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Regular lotions and cleansers are usually enough for routine skin care, but for patients requiring a higher degree of skin protection and healing, those products may not be enough. Many of these patients have more success with market-leading creams, cleansers and conditioners specifically formulated for serious skin care in a wide range of skin health problems. Depending on the type of condition being treated, patients can choose from antifungal ointments, protective skin barriers, moisturizing creams and emollients. Save Rite Medical carries these skin products in an array of different formulations to suit all kinds of buyers.


Moisturizing Products


Dry, irritated skin is often more than unsightly. When it's allowed to progress, it can itch, burn and reduce quality of life significantly for sufferers. With skin treatment products designed to moisturize and invigorate the skin, patients can find relief at last. Several skin care treatments made by Aloe Vesta, for example, are recommended by dermatologists to patients who need to soften and moisturize patches of dry, irritated or cracked skin. Aloe Vesta is often indicated for use in routine protection for individuals suffering from incontinence. 


Antifungal Ointments


Where moisture and heat are trapped with little air flow, fungus is likely to develop. For patients with incontinence, fungus may attack the skin on a regular basis without the use of antifungal skin pastes or barriers. By combining soothing ingredients such as aloe with a small amount of an antifungal, such as miconazole nitrate, these skin treatments guard the skin against superficial yeast infections. 


Protective Skin Barriers


Protective skin barriers are often used in the skin care treatment of patients experiencing incontinence. By protecting sensitive skin from the effects of long-term exposure to moisture and bacteria, these skin care products guard against chafing, irritation and infection. Because protective skin barriers are breathable, the skin underneath is able to stay healthy even with extended use. Many barriers are available in spray form, letting patients simply spray the product where necessary instead of painstakingly applying ointments by hand, although creams may be indicated for use in very specific areas. 


Cleaning Products


Compared to conventional soaps, several cleansing skin products contain additional ingredients that enable deeper cleaning when it is required. These products remove foreign substances that may cause irritation and inhibit healing. For patients suffering from incontinence, deep cleansers are recommended for regular use during treatment to reduce the likelihood of complications developing. For ease of use, cleansing skin treatment products are available in several forms, such as creams, foams and sprays.


Scar Reduction Products


Patients with currently healing injuries may want to invest in serious skin care items designed to enhance repair and reduce scarring. By moisturizing recovering areas of damaged skin, new skin cell production is encouraged, making unsightly and uncomfortable scarring less likely to occur. For longer-term treatment, patients may consider utilizing dermatologist-recommended lotions and other moisturizing skin care, such as conditioners.


With the proper skin treatment, patients can count on improved comfort and reduced long-term scarring after damage has occurred. With the selection of effective skin pastes, sprays and creams available at Save Rite Medical, chronic skin irritation, damage and injury can be eliminated. 

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