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Stay comfortable and confident with Save Rite Medical's massive selection of Ostomy Supplies. You'll find all your day-to-day necessities and accessories available with plenty of options to fit your lifestyle and needs.

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Depending on the type of ostomy you have and your daily living habits, you may need a variety of ostomy supplies different from the next colostomy patient. You'll find a huge selection of basic and additional colostomy supplies at Save Rite Medical. 

Colostomy Pouches

Many different pouches are available for different situations. Patients can buy one-piece and two-piece systems, closed pouches, drainable pouches and more. Each has advantages that suit some patients and circumstances more than others.

One-Piece Systems

These involve pouches with skin barriers already attached. Application involves simply peeling backing off and sticking, and the pouches are available in several styles. Drainable, closed and urostomy varieties are available. These are often favored for the greater privacy possible with their use; many one-piece pouches are flexible and slim, allowing them to lay flat underneath clothing. 

Two-Piece Systems

Two-piece systems involve separated pouches and barriers that connect using a flange or adhesive. Patients can easily remove pouches for disposal with these systems without needing to remove and re-stick pouches every time. Since pouches vary in how appropriate they are for each occasion, users enjoy greater versatility than with one-piece systems. For example, smaller bags can be used for strenuous activities or intimate occasions. For even more flexibility, different features are available from individual manufacturers.

Drainable Pouches

When frequent discharge occurs during wear, drainable pouches should be used. Common drainable pouches offer a number of closing methods, including separate clamps or attached systems, to make draining easy when necessary. A variety of sizes and options are available, including opaque and transparent pouches and filtered and non-filtered styles.

Closed Pouches

When discharge is less frequent, closed pouches are often more convenient. Most colostomy patients can use closed pouches, but many choose to switch between closed and drainable pouches according to the occasion. Most closed pouches contain filters to let gas escape but not odor. No closure systems are used; instead, closed pouches are simply thrown away at the end of use. 

Urostomy Pouches

These pouches always have drain taps at their bottoms to allow quick drainage, but designs differ between manufacturers. Users can connect their urostomy pouches to bedside drainage collectors at night. Different sizes of opaque and transparent urostomy pouches are available. 

Flushable Pouches

For maximum convenience, nothing beats flushable ostomy pouches. Constructed from biodegradable materials that can be safely flushed down toilets, flushable pouches give wearers greater flexibility in use. Users can choose between one-piece and two-piece flushable pouches, which enable quick changes to different sizes when necessary. 

Skin Adhesives and Pastes

Depending on skin sensitivity and preference, a variety of different skin adhesives can be used. When barriers are removed less often, stronger adhesives are applied. When barriers are changed frequently, less sticky adhesives are preferred to prevent skin damage. When the skin surrounding the stoma is uneven, pastes can be used to create a flat surface for reliable application of the barrier. 

By shopping online, customers can find all primary ostomy supply items as well as various options and accessories. Wafers, odor eliminators, protective barrier wipes and varying sizes and colors of bags are all available to shoppers. With a massive selection of ostomy supply products, Save Rite Medical is the place for colostomy patients to stock up and save.

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