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Patients suffering from incontinence can find all supplies necessary for optimal comfort and health at Save Rite Medical. Undergarments, wipes, underpads and more are all here for the lowest prices anywhere.

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Adult incontinence has many causes, but its effects are often similar for patients. Unexpected, unwanted wetness at day and at night can cause discomfort and irritation and open the door to infection. Fortunately, many adult incontinence products are available that support the comfort and health of individuals with incontinence, and Save Rite Medical sells many of these items.


Nighttime Incontinence Supplies


Urinary incontinence at night is a nuisance to many patients and those they sleep next to. In many cases, this problem disrupts sleep and affects daytime quality of life. With the right urinary incontinence products, patients can enhance their nightly comfort and reduce the impact incontinence has on their ability to sleep soundly. Underpads are popular with many patients. By forming an absorbent layer between the sleeper and the mattress below, these pads reduce the need for nighttime cleanups by quickly soaking up any accidents that occur. By using an underpad, patients can prevent their incontinence less likely from affecting their bed partners as well.


Adult Incontinence Undergarments


Extra-absorbent undergarments are available for urinary incontinence protection around the clock. Available in both disposable and re-usable varieties, these products give wearers peace of mind each day. This way, users can concentrate on other matters instead of worrying about potentially embarrassing leaks. These undergarments are available in multiple sizes to improve user comfort and convenience while also minimizing the risk of overflow. Patients can choose from minimal coverage or more extensive undergarments depending on the degree of incontinence and related concerns. 


To ensure comfort for incontinence sufferers, companies have designed specialized underwear without seams that could irritate the skin. When moisture is present, smooth underwear reduces the risk of chafing and inflammation. Patients can choose from a variety of incontinence undergarments that promise comfort to users in case of leakage. 


Wiping and Washing


Occasional accidents are common with chronic incontinence, making wiping and washing supplies essential. Leaks can occur while patients are far from any bathing facilities, making cleaning up a challenge. Sanitizing wipes go a long way toward eliminating the inconvenience common in these situations. 


Mens Incontinence Supplies


Male anatomy requires special considerations in the design of adult incontinence products. Mens incontinence supplies make comfort and management simple with a wide variety of urinary incontinence products including undergarments, pads, clamps and drainage systems.


With any degree of incontinence, using the right incontinence supplies can make the experience easier to tolerate and manage over time. Staying dry around the clock is much easier with consistent use of absorbent nighttime underpads and specialized undergarments. At Save Rite Medical, patients can find all of the most essential incontinence products together in one place for the lowest prices anywhere.

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