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At Save Rite Medical, we've assembled a collection of exam gloves in all the popular materials and sizes so you can find exactly what you're looking for. You'll find powdered and non-powdered gloves, sterile and non-sterile varieties. No matter which style you need, you'll find it here for the lowest price online.

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For any invasive medical procedure, such as surgery or injection, exam gloves are essential equipment for the safety of the patient and anybody else involved. Exam gloves prevent infection and contamination during and after the procedure and can be disposed of afterward for maximum safety at little cost.

While latex exam gloves may be considered the classic gloves worn for medical procedures, many individuals are sensitive or allergic to latex. For the medical care of these patients, gloves made of other materials should be used. Vinyl exam gloves are one common example, but nitrile exam gloves are also used in certain applications.

Latex exam gloves are valued for their flexibility and comfort for wearers. Gloves made from latex guard against tears up to a point, making them an excellent choice for use with abrasive or pointed tools. However, they offer poor resistance against corrosive chemicals and tend to break down in response to heat exposure.

Vinyl exam gloves are hypoallergenic but also lighter and thinner than latex, so they're best suited to uses that don't involve sharp objects. In the medical setting, vinyl gloves are often used in situations that carry a low risk of infection, but they're also perfect for working with disinfectants, cleaning products and other non-corrosive chemicals. 

Nitrile exam gloves are highly durable, hypoallergenic replacements for latex gloves in medical use. Unlike latex gloves, they won't break down due to contact with oil. Their puncture-resistance makes them a favorite in dental settings, where jagged teeth and sharp objects are constant threats to the protective gloves worn by dental professionals. 

Powdered latex gloves are easier to slip on as needed, but some individuals prefer powder-free gloves because of sensitivity to the powder used. Some people are also more likely to develop latex allergy with regular use of powdered gloves. For sheer convenience, many people may want to give powdered gloves a try simply for the convenience and speed they offer in routine use.

Consumers can choose from sterile surgical gloves and non-sterile ones. While both are manufactured from the same materials, sterile gloves have been sterilized to eliminate any residual bacteria from remaining and potentially causing infection during use. Sterile surgical gloves are always necessary for any type of surgery. For non-surgical use, non-sterile gloves are fine and will cost less as well. 

Choosing the right exam gloves is essential for comfort and usability. Owning the right size of gloves is also important because overstretched or loose gloves are more easily torn or punctured. At Save Rite Medical, a full selection of exam and surgical gloves are available at low prices for safety-minded consumers.

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